Upcoming Events

*Virtual* Black & Light Ball – Into The Fairyverse
Wade through the purple mysts where nymphs dance with gnomes, sprites and muppets – where magick flows from the elements. – where electricity sparks in the darkness and ultraviolet aids in illusion… Enter the Upside-Down-Outside-In as Kostume Kult, YOU, and, for this years theme, your little puppet friends set forth on an epic adventure into a fantastical, glowing multiverse.

Past Events


*Virtual* Horned Ball 2020 – ApoKKalypso
Rev those virtual, post-apocalyptic engines and get ready to enter the Funderdome – in your living rooms! – In HORNS!

Horned Ball 2020 – Jöurney to CentreHjørn
A descent into a volcanic, prehistoric land
(Cancelled due to COVID19 but the concept is still fun to look at!)

A Lunar Valentine Celebration
Kostume Kult welcomes the Year of the Rat with the original New York hustler, Pizza Rat, and his many nocturnal friends for a night of dancing, flirting and all-night lunacy.


Nicely Naughty
A Holiday Social with Kostume Kult & Friends

WYLD THINGS: Halloween Parade Afterparty
by House of Yes and Kostume Kult

Kostume Kult’s Float in the Village Halloween Parade

FreaKKshow 2019 – Kafka’s Karnival
Shifting shapes. Glittering contours. Embrace your dark sparkle in vivid vibrations and musical splendor. This year, Kostume Kult projects our annual absurd circus through the dark lens of Franz Kafka, whose Metamorphosis inspires creative, colorful, and critter-ful transformation!

Black & Light Ball 2019 -Biota Morphosis
A garden of metamorphic delights

Horned Ball 2019 – CHEWBACCHANAL
The Death Star is teetering, the Rebels are organizing and
the Wookiees are having a party! A night of intergalactic
idiocy, interactive art and two dance floors 
bristling with Horns!

The Alt Oscar Awards 2019
New York’s Answer to the Oscars where YOU are the Celebrity.


New Year’s 2018: TimeWarp
Halloween 2018: Tails from the Krypt
Freakkshow 2018 – Robot Circus
Black and Light Ball 2018 – Kryptopia
8th Annual Alt. Oscars
Horned Ball 2018: World of Horncraft


NEW YEARS EVE – Metropolis 2018
Halloween 2017 – To Hell and Bosch
Freakkshow 2017 ~ Purple Haze ~
Black & Light Ball 2017 – Superstition
Horned Ball 2017 – Barbarian Horde
Valentine 2017 – Year of the… “Rooster”


Halloween 2016 – Zombie Pirates of OZ
Freakkshow 2016 – Dystopian Carnival
Black & Light Ball 2016 – Da Vinci’s Brain
Horned Ball 2016 – 20,000 Horns under the Sea
Valentine 2016 – Monkey House


Halloween 2015 – Escher’s Labyrinth
Halloween Parade 2015
ReEntry 2015