FreaKKshow 2021 ~ Event Covid Safety Policies


Our commitment to providing all of our guests a safe and enjoyable experience is more important to us now than ever before. The highly contagious Delta variant presents a significant risk to the health and safety of our community, where New York City’s test positivity rate has doubled in recent days. To address this risk, Kostume Kult & House of YES have adopted this covid safety policy that will be enforced by our Covid Compliance Team.

Zero Exceptions

All attendees, performers and venue staff must be FULLY vaccinated at the time of the event start or have provided proof of a PCR test, taken 72 hours or less prior to event start. For vaccination, this means at least 14 days have passed since receiving the 2nd shot (or the single dose J&J shot). Exceptions will not be made under any circumstances, including situations where there is ‘only’ 1 day left.

Verification at the Door

Guests are required to present proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test at the door to a member of our trained Covid Compliance Team.

Standardized Acceptable Proof of Vaccination

Proof TypeEligible for Fast Pass LineMore information
Excelsior Pass
Those vaccinated in NY State only.
Yes* Recommended

Get information
CDC Vaccination Record Card
(Physical card or digital copy)
Yes* Recommended

Alternate Proof / Special Circumstances

For cases where it is not possible to provide the above proof of vaccination, the following will also be acceptable with the following limitations:

  • These methods will not qualify for express lane entrance
  • Acceptance will be at discretion of the Covid Compliance Team Lead
Proof TypeEligible for Fast Pass LineMore information
Negative PCR test collected on or after Wed, July 28
Covid antigen test (rapid test) is not acceptable proof.
NoElectronic lab result
Pharmacy Applications
(CVS / Walgreens / Duane Reade)
‘MYCHART’ Hospital Web Applications
(NYU / Mount Sinai)
Foreign proofNoEquivalent proof issued by a foreign country.

Fraud / Security 

Any guest presenting fraudulent / altered documentation will be immediately banned from Kostume Kult and House of YES events.


No refunds will be issued. Our Covid compliance requirement has been clearly posted in our event description and ticketing site. If you have any questions, please contact our Covid Compliance Team Lead, Shiny Galeani.

Contact Us

Covid Compliance Team Lead:
Shiny Galeani –

Where Can I Get A Free Covid-19 PCR Test?

Your test MUST be a PCR Test, taken less than 72 hours prior to the event. Call all sites to confirm they are open/available/able to get results quickly. Individuals who have questions about COVID-19 testing should call the New York State COVID-19 Hotline at 1-888-364-3065

Free Testing Resources

LocationTypical Turnaround
* Call to confirm
New YorkWithin 24 hoursNYC Health COVID-19 Express sites
New YorkUrgent Way Locations
New YorkHHC Locations (NY City Public Hospitals)
New JerseyVaries by location. Call to ask.NJ Free Covid Locations
Ask for PCR testing only.
Some testing sites are limited to local residents.