Freakkshow 2017

Kostume Kult Presents

Purple Haze

On the 50th Anniversary of the Summer Of Love, the Hippy Freaks are back in the streets and converging…

Friday, July 28th
House of Yes
2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn

Presale Tiers: 25/ 30/ 35
More at the door

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In an alternative, hipster-brooklyn universe, the Merry Prankster bus has crashed into a traveling Carnival tent and the electric koolaid has been spread around — healing all wounds. For the 10th Annual FreaKKshow, we mash together hippy & circus themed freakdom with maximal psychedelia bathed in smokey black-lit euphoria. Yes, history does repeat itself but now with higher tech toys, a small army of costume fanatics and the participatory absurdity of the extended Burning Man community.

 Presale Tiers: $25, 30, 35
More at the Door (if available)
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50 years since the Summer of Love, this year our annual “carnival
freak” theme focuses on Hippie Freaks culture Jamming retro and modern
hippies, hipsters, circus freaks and even super freaks. All forms of
freakkdom are encouraged for a night of absurdist psychedelia with DJs
and activities in multiple rooms at House of Yes hippie headquarters
in Bushwick.

DJs in two rooms

TBA soon!


Propose Something:

Neon tie die tapestries
Black Lights, Lasers, retro-psychedelia party lights
Hookahs served by caterpillars
Human Lava Lamp
Neon birds, bees butterflys and mushrooms
A Cheech & Ch(wr)ong film project… Hippies vs Hipsters
More TBA




Co-Producers: Ema Takeda & Marianna Lavin
Volunteer Coordinator: Eliza Spear
Performance coordination: Kae Burke (from HOY) and Kate Peila
Music curation: David Kiss
Ticketing issues:


Kostume Kult is part of the Burning Man community which takes to heart the spirit behind Burning Man’s ten principles embodying playful fun, inclusiveness and radical expression, amongst others. (full list: Ours is a safe space where we welcome new people while warning everyone to *respect boundaries* and *ask first* whenever photographing or flirting.


FreaKKshow is Kostume Kult’s annual dark carnival themed Burning Man project fundraiser. Kostume Kult is a volunteer-led, non-profit
organization supporting costuming, themed events and mad fun while bringing wonderful people together. We teach people to create, collaborate and celebrate at a number of public events while producing several annual gala fundraisers to support it all.. To get in the loop, join us at