Horned Ball 2018

Kostume Kult Presents


~ World of Horncraft ~

Roll for surprise!  The direwolves are howling, orcs are invading the
keep and a shifty-eyed gnome beckons you down a dark tunnel…
What doyou do?  Fight or flee? Dither or Dance?…
Strap on your horns and dive in!

Friday, April 6th
9pm to 5am

The Bell House
149 7th St, Brooklyn 11215

Near F/G/R Trains


Presale tiers – $30/ 40/ 50
More at the door

** NOTE: All presales are will-call (name @ door) with your
confirmation email being a PayPal receipt **

All night drink specials & Happy Hour 9-10:30

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This year’s annual Horned Bacchanal delves into Fantasy Gaming with a
twisted take on World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons and the many
interactive realms that have come from them. A night of wild
costumery, absurdist activities and magical DJs in two rooms.

As always, any and all forms of horns are welcome as the winter melts
and the animals stir. For this year’s theme, be prepared for an evening
of fantasy themed horned adventure, interactive theater and strange
creatures, INCLUDING YOU!…  For inspiration, much of this universe
springs from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy (1937-1949) leading
to millions  of fantasy novels and films, the D&D table top gaming
system, Video RPGs, MMORPGs and LARP… Look them up!
So much to choose from!  CRAFT THOSE HORNS!

Art & Activities

(Need participants to help lead things like…)
– Dungeons Masters sought! (host a short interaction)
– Twisted Treasure Hunt
– Soothsayers
– Riddles and Puns
– Horn Crafting
– Alignment counseling
– Monsters and Mazes
– Mirror of Delusion
– Fire Elementals
– Deities and Demidogs
– The Upside Down
– Photobooths (TBD)
– What gaming challenges ?
– Ideas Please! (sign up below)

DJs in two rooms



Gaming and Fantasy Film culture jams by (TBD)


Submit an Artist Proposal

On 4.6 we transform Brooklyn’s Bell House into an adventure kingdom that
we will invent together.  What activities and decor should we integrate?
What role or character would you like to play?… What should we name this realm?
Propose art here or reach out to Costume Jim on FB.


Click Here


Producer: Ahmed Hassaballa

Decor Master TBD

Music Curation: David Kiss

Volunteer Coordinators: Eliza SpearStacey Wrangler & Captain Link Salas

Photographer Wrangler: Tom Egan

Ticketing issues: tickets@kostumekult.com


Horned Ball is the longest running event of Kostume Kult (Costume Cultural Society),
a non-profit arts org supporting costume art, street theater and mad fun while bringing
wonderful people together. Horned Ball is one of Kostume Kult’s three
Burning Man camp fundraisers including Black & Light Ball (coming 5.12.18)
and Freakkshow (mid-late July). With the three events vibed geek, chic and freak, respectively,
HB is always a fantastical, geeky springtime bacchanalia with the animals shaking off
winter slumber with itchy horns and the urge to dance!


Black & Light Ball – May 12th @ The Rosewood Theater
FreaKKshow: July  @ TBD
… And participating in Dance Parade (May 19th),
Mermaid Parade (June 16th) and Figment (June 23-24th)


True to Burning Man’s 10 Principles:
Kostume Kult is inclusive, welcoming the stranger and all newbies
who dare to participate…. In HORNS!

Ours is a safe space where we welcome new people while warning everyone to
*respect boundaries* and *ask first* before photoging and flirting.