Horned Ball 2021 – Rise of the PhoenOx


Kostume Kult Presents

Horned Ball 2021 – Rise of the PhoenOx

Annual Horned Spring Bacchanal

(& hybrid offline/online event)

In the Year of the Ox we rise Phoenix-like from the ashes of the Rat year into an era of optimism and societal reimagining. To these ends, we blow our bullhorns, strap on plowshares and push forth into fertile fields. Rise we will, with feathered plumage and HORNS!…

TIME & VENUE (live event)

Saturday May 8th (with raindate)
4pm-10pm with afterparty
Prospect Park, Brooklyn



$10 wristbands supports event costs & confirms safety cooperation


Proof of Vax or Covid Test within 72 hours of the event are required for attendance. To participate, and get wristband, please fill out the form for safety or otherwise to volunteer or help create art or an activity.





Like a mashup of Figment, Decom and Idiotarod where we demonstrate safe ways to gather while reigniting the inspiration and love that comes with our events. Thus, we come together again while building a new future in a city where much is changing. As covid restrictions are still in place, the best options are for gathering in public spaces
(like so many others are doing) and Prospect Park is spectacular. Here we will do it our way – as a movable picnic party (moving 1-2 times during the afternoon) with mobile art & sound systems – bringing the community back together and engaging with the public with inclusivity and all necessary safety precautions. Family friendly by day with adult oriented after-party with color-coded wristbands indicating safety compliance.


All hail the Winged Bull !!! While horns of any type are always welcomed at Horned Ball, this year’s theme weaves the Greek legends of the Phoenix and Taurus with the Lunar Year of the Ox for many creative possibilities. Channel inspiration from these genres, wear horns, feathers and/or togas or do something totally unexpected.
And SOUND OFF with your blowable horns, shofars or vuvuzelas. Horned Ball in one of the world’s greatest parks!


GET INVOLVED via Form/Link
Bring something fun & mobile… Propose an activity!
– Running of the Bulls. Be a Bull or a Runner – Create Spectacle!
– Golden Calf Worship — Bow down to well adorned leg muscles
– Olly Olly Oxen Free – Childish Gaming (activities needed!)
– Altar of the Çatalhöyük Neolithic Bull Worshipping Cult (Mobile art)
– Interactivity Kiosk: Say hello to those online!


Three sound systems for daytime dancing including:
– BUMPY NUGGETS: (Kolour Recordings / Quality Control / BPY), https://soundcloud.com/bumpy-nuggets
– ILLEXXANDRA: https://soundcloud.com/illexxandra
– SHAKEY: twitch.tv/djshakey
– THE COMPANY SOUNDSYSTEM: (LTHM / 3Bridge / Castle), https://soundcloud.com/bumpy-nuggets
– VITO FUN: https://soundcloud.com/vitofun
– XIE: (InfXRecs), https://soundcloud.com/dbamilk
– XRIS SMACK!: (Stimulate, Fetish Tribe) http://Xris-SMack.com
– More TBA (and not including afterparty)


10pm til Late
Secret Brooklyn location to be disclosed to those at the daytime
event and/or those on our new Telegram announcement list
(Link to Telegram Signup https://t.me/s/fokkr)


Production (live event): Isabeau Vidal, Kimmy Dudek, Gene Harrison, Costume Jim
Backroom Social Club (online) Producer: Jared Skolnick
Video Lead: Stephen Stuart
BRCvr Producer: Wabi Sabi
Volunteer Wrangler: Elisa Hetmankski + (?)
Art & Activities Facilitator: TBA
Music Curation: TBA
Photography Wrangler: Tom Egan
Ticketing Issues: tickets@kostumekult.com


Join the ‘Friends of Kostume Kult’ (FoKKr) Channel on Telegram at: https://t.me/s/fokkr … Low volume, one-way announcements on this encrypted app, this will be for confidential updates for Horned Ball and future underground events.  Part of the new reality is developing channels outside of Facebook!

ABOUT Horned Ball

Horned Ball is Kostume Kult’s longest running event – an absurdist Spring Bacchanal where the animals emerge from hibernation in horns with an urge to dance. One of Kostume Kult’s three Burning Man spring-summer project fundraisers, HB is is our most fantastical (geek) oriented event followed by our (chic) Black & Light Ball in June and our (freak) circus themed Freakshow in July. 2021 is Horned Ball #17 where, with this year’s homage to Oxen/ Bulls, HB2021 runs during Taurus vs its traditional date in Aries. All Horns!


Kostume Kult is a non-profit, NY based community arts collective that participates in many NYC public events, hosts several annual gala fundraising costume parties and an established costume gifting camp at Burning Man. For more and to signup for our socials and lists please visit: https://www.kostumekult.com/join/


True to Burning Man’s 10 Principles: Kostume Kult is inclusive, welcoming the stranger and all those who dare to participate.  In HORNS!… Our events are safe spaces where we welcome new people while warning everyone to *respect boundaries* and *ask first* when photographing or flirting… And until covid is behind us, it is Safety First!