Valentine 2016


Kostume Kult Presents


Valentine’s Eve
Saturday, 2.13.16
9pm to 5am

Santos Party House
96 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013

Drink specials all night – 21+

Kostume Kult welcomes in the Year of the Monkey with our annual Valentine gala summoning you and your primal primate urges… Mashing up this Hallmark holiday with monkey play, house (& electro) music and “Zoo”Lander (whose sequel opens that weekend) – we celebrate romance and creativity in our own unique way…. With YOUR help!

THEME: Valentine Red, White or Pink… Monkeys or any zoo-animal with fur, opposable thumbs and a sense of humor. Zoo-lander Fashions, Tarzan or Jane Goodall impersonators are all welcome… Screech, swing from the trees, reach from behind and fling love at all who consent.

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DJs ON TWO FLOORS (House upstairs Breaks+ below)

David Hohme (Where The Heart Is / Andante)

Left/Right (PUNKS, BRØKEN – Dallas TX)

Smeed & Suspence [Sullivan Room / Motek / Cenote]

Jergo (Webster Hall / Slake)

Partyfoul5000™ (Thunder Gumbo / Junxion)

Illexxandra (Vitamin B / Rubulad / PLF)

Tim The Enchanter (Vitamin B)

Tektite (Vitamin B)


Midnight: Zoo-lander Blue Steel Fashion Show with Emcee Zoo-Gatu
Sexy Tire Swinging
Poo Chucking
Hide The Banana
Monkey See Monkey Do


Crimson Monkey Asses (community member butt impressions)
Denizen Forrest
Golden Galactic Monkeys Aerial
Flying Monkey Aerial
The Bonobo Code
2001 Monolith
And the return of Vagina Chocolate Vending !!!

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Producer: Brandon Keeven & Isabeau Vidal

Decor: Kait Murphy & Kimmy D

Volunteer Coordinators: Stacey Wrangler & Eliza Spear

Music Planning: DJs Milk and Rudy Nunez

Fashion Show:

Vagy Chocolates: Marianna Grace

Ass Impressions:

Photography: Tom Egan

Flyer Art: Tom Egan & Ange Tran

Ticketing issues:


Kostume Kult is part of the Burning Man community which takes to heart the spirit behind Burning Man’s ten principles embodying playful fun, inclusiveness and radical expression, amongst others. (full list: Ours is a safe space where we welcome new people while warning everyone to *respect boundaries* and *ask first* whenever photographing or flirting.


Kostume Kult is a participatory arts collective that promotes costuming and many forms of interactive art. We take part in numerous public events, costume parties and creative community gatherings while bringing wonderful people together… To get in the loop, go to