vBLB20 -THEME – Into The Fairyverse

*** THEME ***

~ Into The Fairyverse ~

A Psychedelic Dance & Puppetry Party

Wade through the purple mysts where nymphs dance with gnomes, sprites and muppets – where magick flows from the elements. – where electricity sparks in the darkness and ultraviolet aids in illusion… Enter the Upside-Down-Outside-In as Kostume Kult, YOU, and, for this years theme, your little puppet friends set forth on an epic adventure into a fantastical, glowing multiverse.


The Multiverse, Electroverse, Fairyverse.
Local, National, International. Multiversal


Black & Light Ball mixes many forms of glowing, blinking electronics with electro luminescence and black light and a wild range of costumes, performances and dance music. Originally a psychedelic take on Truman Capote’s Black & White Ball – creative ‘neon formal’ is encouraged or, to play along with this year’s theme, think fairyland, fantasy creatures, mystery and magic.

Consider your costume, character and/or puppets. What is your role in the multiverse? Who are you and what is your quest? While everyone is invited to participate as you can, think on characters and creatures from any kind of fantastical fictional work, film or literature with costumes, facepaints, masks, headgear… and puppets (!!!)… encouraged.


Adapting to the virtual environment, we urge all to utilize colored lights, black lights and all other available effects to turn your space into a disco playhouse to dance, stage a puppet scene and interact with the many other revelers. Additionally, play with the Zoom “virtual background” function for fantasy backdrops — switch them up throughout the event — and consider using a greenscreen (or any unique/ solid colored backdrop)- but note that crazy headgear and some colors will glitch the function and that actual decor works best.


Kostume Kult has taken the art of themed events to many levels over the past 15 years with dozens of uniquely themed annual events, group participation in parades, public festivals and our Esplanade frontage Burning Man camp.

Black & Light Ball is an annual psychedelic spring fundraiser for Kostume Kult (Costume Cultural Society), a non-profit arts org supporting costume art, street theater and mad fun while bringing wonderful people together. Originally a psychedelic take on Truman Caapote’s Black & White Ball, Live BLB events mix a range of light art and many fabulous fluorescent fashions illuminated by an eye-popping array of black light canons. In 2020, BLB #15 is actualizing virtually in the “Multiverse” (The prescient Burning Man 2020 theme) – pushing online connectivity and electric community interactivity to new levels — with YOUR help!…


For more info, join us and/or donate to our important year-round arts/culture mission.