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Virtual Horned Ball if over!

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Be ready to choose your own experience

👀Got a Virtual Backdrop?
🦄 Bring costumes, props, OR amazing dance moves!
💡 Set the mood with Party lights! Lamps, LEDs, blinky lights, candles.
📥 Download Zoom (
📺 Show yourself! Turn camera/videostream ON
💃 Be ready to show yourself for the best experience!

Kostume Kult Presents

Horned Ball 2020v


A Virtual Post-Apocalyptic Artistic Dance Party

Kostume Kult’s annual spring bacchanal with international participants, multiple “rooms”, live DJs and interactive performances… by YOU! Get ready for your  “Moments of Fame” – tell us about your character, how you made your costume and educate us with apocalyptic know-how … Or enter the Funderdome and Pillow Fight your roommates.
Let’s get ready to Rrrrummmmbbbbllllle! 
Horns Required, Signage Encouraged, Pants Optional. (Its all about the headgear!)

(Free with donation appreciated)


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Your home, bomb shelter, tire fort or dark pit in your back yard.
Decor encouraged!


==> Final Instructions <==
* Multiple Feeds, Multiple Zoom Rooms *
1. VIEW ONLY Watch on Twitch (Non-Participatory)
2. FULL PARTICIPATION: Zoom Participation for those with a camera to show of your Costumes and Horns-

– Photos & Vids: Photo and Video postings on the FB event page & KK Instagram (Selfie postings and curate galleries by our team)


Mad Max, Zombie Apocalypse, Tinfoil Hats, Mad Pharmacist, End-Times Evangelist, Kool-Aid Kultists… With HORNS!…
Decorate your Bunker, brandish your weapons, hoard your jerky. 
Pillow Forts!…

DJs in two Twitch feeds:

– BUMPY NUGGETS [Kolour Recordings / Quality Control / BPY]
– SUNDANCE KID [Deep End, Universal Love Tribe]
– TRAVISTY [Trifucta / SOUP NYC]


* Stay tuned for announcements by Emcee Christopher
and texts flashed on-screen *

– FUNDERDOME Pillow fights @ Midnight: Mad Max style
versus your roommates
– HAPPENINGS all night: Get ready to throw on Creative
Dust Masks, Sunglasses, Apocalyptic Props — have
your gear ready when prompted… PRIZES!
– ACTIVITIES in Main Room and Last Variety Show going late!
– SELFIE SHARING: Facebook Photo/ Video galleries with help from dedicated photographers/ screen-grabbers
– VIDEO CLIPS: to be produced from zoom footage
to be posted afterwards – register to help
– ZOOM BACKGROUNDS Check them out


MAIN CURVE: Performances & Dancing all night

EMCEE Extraordinaire Christopher Hardwick
– 8:15: Welcome Toast: Show off your drinking vessels!
– 9 PM: Liah Alonso Gypsy Cowgirl sings “Unsolicited Dick Pic”
9:05: Zoe Kantor Poll Dancing
– 10pm: Renata Bergan – Sheva Sword Warrior Fire Dance
– 10:05: Stefan Spins fire performance
– 10:15: Samara Nightwine sings “Radioactive” (by Imagine Dragons),
Horned, apocalyptic, goodness. – 10:20: Viva BodyRoll Participatory Dance
– 11PM: HORNED FASHION SHOW – By YOU – Raise your hand (a zoom
function) and get ready for your 15 seconds of fame!
– 11:45: Ali Luminnescent Fire Performance – Live(ish) from Thailand!
– All Night: Rawb Lane Rebel Rouser- Magical Green Screen Shenanigans

BASEMENT BUNKER ROOM: Performances + Activities:
– 8pm: Shariyf Clark Tarot Reading
– 8:30: Quarantine Scavenger Hunt with Elisa Hetmanksi
– 9:15: Burners Without Borders presentation & fun
– 9:30: Pandora’s Playhouse Apocalyptic Pussy Pops with Jena Chambers
– 9: 35: Eschatology Fun & Games with Marz… Prizes!
– 10:25: “Kitty Wants Out!!!  Queen of Love and Hope
– 10:30: Doomsday Fake News with Kimmy D.
– 10:45: ZeroBoy as Baron Von Doom (comedy)
– 11pm: Vegas Valentine’s Ghost Town
– MIDNIGHT: Enter the FUNDERDOME: Grab your pillows and the roommate you have been resenting — Get liquored up
and wreck your living room!
– 12:30: After Hours Creeper Room: Ironic, absurd behavior is OK… As long as it is a joke! (an open conversation environment)

(elope discount code: “Diskkount”)

Our friends at Elope are offering us 30% off their low prices with free shipping and 3-4 day delivery times (CODE: Diskkount)
Full Horn selection here:
Please *bling your horns*… And post pics on doing so!


Register Here: Virtual Horned Ball 2020 – Get Involved

* HELP PRODUCE: Need Social-Tech Savvy helpers
* Be a CO-HOST and help moderate/ wrangle
* PRODUCE CONTENT for community sharing
* PERFORM: Take center stage for a “Moment of Fame” including: Crafting demonstrations, Apocalyptic Prepper knowledge sharing, Stupid human tricks or Pillow Fight your roommates –
Enter the Funderdome!


Producers: Gene Harrison, Marianna Lavin,
Ray Perfetti, Julia Fan & Dave Friedborn
Tech Wizards: Isabeau Vidal, Brandon Keevan, Michael Wile, Ingrid Spielman, Sherif Attia
Emcee & Performances: Christopher Hardwick
Music Curation: Gene Harrison & Kishti
Non Profit Donation inquiries: Costume Jim Glaser
Flyer: Tom Egan & Hedy Sirico
Photographer Wrangler: Tom Egan
Registration queries:


Horned Ball is the longest running event of Kostume Kult (Costume Cultural Society), a non-profit arts org supporting costume art, street theater and mad fun while bringing wonderful people together. Horned Ball is Kostume Kult’s annual spring bacchanal where the animals shake off winter slumber with a multitude of horns and an urge to dance. As we experiment with this new reality, 2020 will be virtual but foresee international “social-casting” live events as an ongoing feature hereafter. And yes, this year’s virtual event flyer is a re-work from Horned Ball 2015- “Enter the Funderdome”s post-apocalyptic theme… It seemed time for another **Funpocalypse**!!  With your help!…
For more info, join us at


5.30: Virtual Black & Light Ball
July: FreaKKshow – one way or another
August: Virtual Burning Man experiences TBD
Other: Virtual Mermaid parade and many types of online meetups


True to Burning Man’s 10 Principles: Kostume Kult is inclusive, welcoming the stranger and all those who dare to participate.  In HORNS!…
Ours is a safe space open to anyone while warning everyone to *respect boundaries* and *ask first* when photographing or flirting.
Consent is key!