KKBM16 Camp Dues

Dues Overview

2016 Camp dues are: $435 for each camper

2016 RV fees are: $740 per RV (one time payment per RV)

2016 dues reductions:  As in previous years, we offer dues reductions for our builders and breakdown crew. These reductions will be reimbursed after we come back from the playa, and on the condition that our camp did not go significantly over budget due to unforeseen circumstances (catastrophic weather, infrastructure breakdowns, etc…) Reductions are:

  • $100 for Monday early arrivals (this means arrival before noon 8/22! )
  • $50 for Wednesday early arrivals (this means arrival before noon 8/24!)
  • $50 for breakdown crew for any day past Monday 9/5 sundown!

Read on below for more info and ways to pay!

NOTE: Camp Dues and RV Fees are payable by July 21. We have lots of vendors to pay, and we need the money as soon as possible. Dues paid after the due date will be subject to a gradually rising late fee, starting at $50.

Camp Dues

Your camp dues are what make everyday camp life go round! Camp dues are used to pay for food, electricity and construction of common infrastructure such as frontage, showers, etc.

We recognize that dues are a significant cost of your burn, but please bear in mind that all of us are volunteers, nobody gets paid, and your entire dues go towards financing our camp. Moreover, even the full dues do not cover the per-person cost of running an esplanade frontage camp like we do. We have major expenses on art, costumes (even donations need to get shipped, and we typically pay the shipping cost), food, water, electricity, etc so that we truly give back to the community and making the burn an amazing experience for everyone. We have year-round fundraising events in order to allow us to keep dues at a reasonable level (and cheaper than most of our peer camps), and that hard work is done by a few core members of our community time and time again. About 25% of camp budget comes from those fundraiser events.

As for dues reductions: they are also at the discretion of camp leaders in case someone arrives late (Monday / Wednesday early arrival means you need to be in camp before noon so you can help out in a meaningful way that day), or if someone is not helping out with build in a significant way.

RV Dues

RV fees are $740 per RV and they are a one time payment per RV. RV dues cover the cost of power, water tank filling and pumping for the RVs. It is up to each RV crew to figure out who in that RV will pay the RV fee.

Payment – No Fee Options

You have multiple options to pay your dues. Avoid credit card fees by paying through one of these means:

  • in cash or check (made out to Costume Cultural Society) to Isa or Jungle
  • by Chase Quickpay to kostumekultfinance@gmail.com
  • by Venmo to Kostume-Kult
  • by PayPal to kostumekultfinance@gmail.com. You MUST do the following to avoid fees:
    • Log on to your paypal
    • Click on “Send Money”, then “Send money to friends and family
    • You MUST use your bank account or paypal balance, otherwise we will get charged a fee! DO NOT make things harder on us by neglecting this!

For our international campers: the no-fee options mentioned above may not be available. If you know of another convenient option to transfer money without fees internationally, please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate it.

If you must use a credit card, use the Quick Links below. Paypal fees will automatically be added…

Payment – by Credit Card through Paypal – Fees will be charged!!

The links below will take you to paypal and allow you to pay with a credit card. Fees will automatically be charged! Do not use these links if you want to avoid fees. See above for no fee options.

KKBM16 Camp Dues

KKBM16 RV Dues