KKBM17 Camp Dues

Your camp dues are what make everyday camp life go round! Camp dues are used to pay for food, electricity and construction of common infrastructure such as frontage, showers, etc.

We recognize that dues are a significant cost of your burn, but please bear in mind that all of us are volunteers, nobody gets paid, and your entire dues go towards financing our camp. Moreover, even the full dues do not cover the per-person cost of running an esplanade frontage camp like we do. We have major expenses on art, costumes (even donations need to get shipped, and we typically pay the shipping cost), food, water, electricity, etc so that we truly give back to the community and make the burn an amazing experience for everyone. We have year-round fundraising events in order to allow us to keep dues at a reasonable level (and cheaper than most of our peer camps), and we encourage all campers to help out with this effort so we can spread both the love and the effort around! 😉

Dues Overview

2017 Full Camp dues are: $475 for each camper   ($275 if you have already paid your partial dues)

2017 RV fees are: $1000 per RV (one time payment per RV)

Read on below for more info and ways to pay!

NOTE: Camp Dues and RV Fees are payable by July 27. We have lots of vendors to pay, and we need the money as soon as possible. Dues paid after the due date will be subject to a gradually rising late fee, starting at $50.

Dues are non-refundable except in serious circumstances beyond your control (e.g.  – Larry Harvey forbid – a death in the family, or loss of employment close to the burn). Choosing to camp somewhere else, deciding not to go to the burn after all, or almost all other reasons are *not* eligible for reimbursement. Burning Man is less than 2 months away as of right now (6/27) and our camp is full. It is crucial to our ability to plan and budget the camp that we have accurate numbers, as we start paying for services very early on. Thanks for understanding!

IMPORTANT: Please understand that it is often hard to predict exactly how much fees and other transaction charges might add up to. We reserve the right to ask for additional payment if there is a discrepancy in the amount we receive into our accounts… Also, If your initial dues payment of $200 occurred in a manner which incurred fees, you *will* need to adjust your second payment to pay for those fees in addition to whatever fees are incurred with the second payment! If you have questions or are unsure about this, please check in with DK & Isa & Marianna

Dues Payment Options – NO FEE – US based campers only

Dues payment options without fees are listed below, in order of preference. If for some reason you are not ready to pay full dues right now, send an email to DK & Isa ASAP and we will see if we can work something out. Please note that these options are only for US based campers!  (international campers with a US bank account can also use these options)

  • by Chase Quickpay to kostumekultfinance@gmail.com
  • by PayPal to kostumekultfinance@gmail.com. You MUST do the following to avoid fees:
    • Log on to your paypal
    • Click on “Pay or Send Money”, then “Send money to friends and family
    • Send $275 (or $1000 for RV fee) to kostumekultfinance@gmail.com
    • You MUST use your bank account or paypal balance, otherwise we will get charged a fee! DO NOT make things harder on us by neglecting this!
  • by Venmo to Kostume-Kult
  • in cash or check (made out to Costume Cultural Society) to Isa, DK or Jungle

With all of the above options, please send a note via email to DK & Isa so we can keep track of your payments.

Dues Payment Options – WITH FEE

For our international campers, or in case you have no other choice but to use a credit card: the no-fee options mentioned above may not be available. If you know of another convenient option to transfer money without fees internationally, please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate it.

Please understand that it is often hard to predict exactly how much the fees and other transaction charges might add up to. We reserve the right to ask for additional payment if there is a discrepancy in the amount we receive into our accounts…

Below are several options to pay from abroad, or if you have to use a credit card. Keep in mind that paypal charges a percentage fee, so if you are paying larger amounts (e.g. an RV fee) it might be better to us a wire transfer. For smaller amounts paypal is probably a better option…

    • Wire transfer – we cannot safely publish our account info online, so please send a note via email to DK & Isa & Marianna if this is your preferred method of payment.  You will need to make sure that funds are sent in US dollar amounts, as well as add a $15 fee for every transaction (this is the fee that we are charged for receiving a wire transfer). Your own bank might also charge you an additional fee for sending the wire tranfer…
    • PayPal Payment (using credit card or bank account) – this includes a roughly 3.9% fee as that as that is the amount that paypal will deduct for most international payments. Use the button below to pay… Note that if you are paying dues for multiple people the app will ask for each person’s name. If you are also paying RV dues the app will ask for an additional name – just enter ‘RV’ for First Name and the first names of the RV occupants as Last Name (see screenshot below)


Explanatory screenshot showing RV dues paid via app below: