Kostume Kult Express

Buy your tickets to the Kostume Kult Express here!

Unless you have a ride with someone else, this is the easiest way to get in and out of BRC, straight from the Sands hotel to our camp at Esplanade and 8:00 and back!

Especially on the way out we highly recommend being on this bus as it will help us tremendously during camp breakdown! We are doing this at cost or below in order to keep the price down for you.

Just like the regular burner express bus, the KK Express can *SKIP THE LINES (on playa)* during entry and exodus. This will save you tremendous amounts of time, especially during exodus!


Important details:

  • KK Express tickets are $65 each way, and $25 extra (each way as well) for a bike or extra large luggage item
  • The KK Express will leave from the Sands on Saturday 8/25 at 10am. Please do your shopping the day beforehand so the bus can beat the lines and make it to BRC in record time!
  • The KK Express will return from Kostume Kult back to Reno on Monday 9/3 around 2pm (or as late as they will allow us)
  • You can choose to be on either leg of our charter, or both (in only, out only, in&out)

Otherwise our policies will be the same as the burner express. I.e. you can bring up to two luggage items and one carry-on. If you’re bringing a bike there will be an extra $25 fee (just like B.X). If you have extra luggage (up to two additional items) there will be an extra $25 fee (again, just like B.X). See https://burnerexpress.burningman.org/burner-express-bus-faq/ and https://burnerexpress.burningman.org/burner-express-bus-information/ for more info!