KKBM19 Gifting Pendants: Mothman

Behold MothMan!, the KK2019 playa pendant created by G-Man and Costume Jim. On the front, we mashup the Man with the KK logo and a metamorphic moth with the playa design and trash fence line on the back.  Inspired by the art we made for Black & Light Ball, the front includes glow-in-the-dark enamel to illuminate the wings and the recessed designs in the background can be filled in with other colors to customize to your taste.  In shiny silver alloy, the raised bits will stay shiny while the lower bits will become darker. (the front/ man design will pop better as it ages)

For new KKers, every year KK produces a pendant for kampers to buy in bulk as potential gifts for the wonderful souls you will encounter. Meant to be gifts – minimum order is 5 and soon we will have a volunteer stringing/bagging session.