KKBM21 Camp Statement & DGS FAQs

Dear Kostume Kult Community,

There are still many uncertainties surrounding the feasibility of events that may take place in 2021. Civic responsibility has taken on an entirely new meaning in the age of Covid-19, and all of us have a role to play to ensure that our precious communities are able to survive and thrive during such a tumultuous time. We are deeply sensitive to the impact that Covid-19 has had on our local, national, global, and burner communities. It is our responsibility to raise the bar, think outside the box, and collaborate on solutions to problems that none of us believed were possible. Kostume Kult has always, and will always, strive to be an example to the larger community; now more than ever, that means listening, learning, and collaborating, while prioritizing the health and safety of our campers, fellow burners, the larger Burning Man Organization and other communities we impact.

We understand the deep frustrations and hardships that came along with 2020. Families have been divided, millions have lost financial stability, the mental health of the entire world is in a state of disrepair, and our community stands in mourning after the struggles that we have been confronted with during this pandemic. Stress and uncertainty are high, tensions are strained, and everyone is desperately trying to do whatever possible to help ease the collective pain and lighten the load of this heavy period in history. 

To some, this is a moment to pause, reflect, and wait, to cut back on social gatherings and to postpone events. For others, this is a moment to act with increased intention, to press forward carefully with a system of strict health protocols – including quarantine requirements, testing, and vaccinations. In either case, we can all agree that the solutions for current issues are not clear cut, and we all are struggling on a daily basis to obtain a balance between safety and ensuring the survival of the communities we know and love – many of which are just barely hanging on. 

Throughout this uncertainty, we must be willing to stand together and rebuild, as a stronger, more unified community. We must collaborate, participate, and invest our energy, time, and resources into implementing solutions to ensure the survival of our beacon of creativity, innovation, wonder, and joy, after a year of isolation, confusion, loss, and desperation. If we all want to return to some semblance of normalcy and safely return home all together some day, now is the time to act. THOSE WHO CAN DO, MUST DO.

Some may find the idea of building Black Rock City simply not feasible or just plain irresponsible. We respect those beliefs, hear those concerns, and understand the unique, and difficult circumstances of this challenging time. In the spirit of the ten principles, Kostume Kult will continue to pour energy into finding solutions to these very complex problems. Even if traveling to BRC in 2021 is not possible for you, we ask that you stay connected to both Kostume Kult and the larger burner community via local events, online events, virtual BRC, and social media. Your PARTICIPATION and action is what keeps the community alive. As always, we welcome your thoughts, ideas, and input, as we work to navigate the road ahead. 

Alternatively, many are eager to return home as soon as possible, and are ready and willing to carry on the tradition of Kostume Kult at this year’s burn. It is our mission to ensure that this life-changing event is able to live on, and evolve to meet the challenges that we face as a community. To those who are able, we ask that you please join us, prepared to work hard to meet this year’s additional requirements for health and safety. We ask that you come dedicated to the 10 principles, and ready to provide the support and determination required for the continuation of our beloved community. Until we can all return home together, we ask anyone who is interested and able, to please help us carry the torch. 

While Burning Man 2021 is still uncertain, the logistics, coordination, and teamwork involved in building Black Rock City, as well as our camp, take many months of intensive planning and commitment. A year long process is now possibly reduced to only a few months.  If BRC comes to life, theme camps will be the foundation of this year’s event and play even more of a crucial role than in years past. Camp organizers have been asked to begin the planning stages in hopes that we will be able to come together in a safe and responsible way.

Kostume Kult and the BM Org are continuing to monitor the situation; please understand that there are no guarantees of any sort, including the event happening. That said, with projections appearing hopeful, it is our responsibility as a pillar of the larger community to prepare for all possibilities. This includes brainstorming, planning, and anticipating procedures for health restrictions, limited vendor access, safe camp meetings, kostume disbursement, smaller camp sizes… etc. In addition to de-mooping the multiple containers of kostume donations we have received over the past year!

As we go about this planning, we want to thank you for your continued love and support for our community and our community’s leadership. We know that if we work together, anything is possible. 

Excited to play in the dust,

(Whenever that is)

The KiDS

Kimmy Dudek
Isabeau Vidal
David Friedeborn
Susan Chen


  1. So does this mean that Burning Man 2021 is 100% happening?
    1. NO! Didn’t you read? Nothing is Guaranteed. We are monitoring the situation,and things presently look hopeful. 
  1. What will the Covid-19 precautions be? 
    1. All options are still being considered including proof of testing and/or vaccine requirements. 
  1. How many people will be attending? How many will be camping with Kostume Kult?
    1. Right now the BM Org has announced that theme camps are expected to receive the same number of DGS tickets as last year. There have not been any guarantees for main sale tickets or for total population expectations. But we expect the event to be smaller this year. 
  1. Do we need to purchase DGS or main sale tickets? How much are they? 
    1. The details of purchasing tickets and how much they are have not been released yet. Theme camps have been asked to collect names for DGS.  We are beginning to reach out to our previous DGS and core ticket holders to confirm their participation. As for cost, we expect them to be more than previous years. (>$500) 
  1. What can I do to help?
    1. Contact the camp leads (Kimmy Dudek, David Friedeborn & Susan Chen) directly, to see what support is currently required, and/or DONATE HERE!
  1. Where can I get up to date information? 
    1. Stay connected with KostumeKult.com and our Facebook groups: KKBM20, KKBM21, Kostume Kult Group, Kostume Kult Community Page.

Additional Burning Man Org DGS FAQs